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Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Junhao Medical Blister Packaging Co., Ltd.

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TYVEKF Imported Water-coated Glue Cover Material


    TYVEKF Imported Water-coated Glue Cover Material
      Product Description:
                                                     TYVEK 1073B/1059B/4058B (2FS) imported hot melt adhesive
                                                     Uses: It can be heat-sealed well with the blister boxes of PETG, PS, APET, PVC, PP,                                                     and the heat-sealing temperature is 105-115 degrees. 
                                                     The three types of equipment used for high-end, and the equipment can move in                                                     the blister box and may scratch the lid product.
                                                     Validity Period: 5 years
                                                     Advantages: The hot melt glue application process is tight, and the glue is applied                                                   in dots.
                                                     Does not shed powder, and has good air permeability.
                                                     After sealing, the sealing surface can be viewed through the blister surface, and                                                         the sealing effect can be checked without breaking.