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Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Junhao Medical Blister Packaging Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers that produce medical device packaging

Junhao blister is sincere and of the same quality


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Aluminum Plastic Bag


    Aluminum Plastic Bag
      Product Description:
                                                     PET/Aluminum/PET/Easy Peel PE+ PET/Aluminum/PET/Easy Peel PE
                                                     PET/Aluminum/PET/PE+ PET/Aluminum/PET/PE
                                                     Coated paper/aluminum/PET/PE+coated paper/aluminum/PET/PE
                                                     Purpose: Initial packaging of disposable medical devices that require water                                                               blocking, gas blocking, and light-proofing
                                                     Validity period: 5 years
                                                     Advantages: High strength, not easy to break, with the functions of blocking                                                             moisture, gas, and light
                                                     Sterilization suitability: Irradiation Sterilization